Thompson Investment Casting Process

The Thompson Investment Casting facility consists of state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced staff of skilled craftspeople and experts in the casting field. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.

Step 1

Tool Design and Manufacture
A wax injection mold is designed and built to produce castings per customer specifications.

Step 2

Wax Production
A wax pattern of recyclable material is produced from the wax injection mold.

Step 3

High Volume Production
Multi-cavity tools are used to expedite the volume of wax production.

Step 4

Pattern Assembly
Thompson Investment Casting’s unique method of gating and treeing systems assures sound castings at a minimum cost.

Step 5

Shell Molding
The pattern assembly is systematically dipped into a ceramic slurry, coated with a refractory material and dried. The process is repeated until the desired thickness and strength is achieved.

Step 6

Ceramic Shell Drying
Between coatings, the ceramic shells are dried in an atmospherically-controlled environment.

Step 7

Using regulated steam pressure, an autoclave melts and reclaims the wax from the ceramic shells.

Step 8

Shell Curing
High temperature ovens cure and preheat the ceramic shells prior to pouring the molten metal.

Step 9

Pre-heated molds are poured utilizing a unique process which facilitates the production of thin walls and intricate detail while enhancing the surface.

Step 10

Knock Out & Cut Off
The ceramic shell is removed, the cluster is cleaned, & the castings are cut free from the gating system.

Step 11

Machining & Finishing
After cut off and gate removal, all secondary finishing operations are performed.

Step 12

Inspection & Testing
Castings are inspected & precisely tested according to customer specifications and requirements.