Thompson Investment Casting

The Investement Casting Experts at Thomspon Investment Castings

Put Our 75+ Years of Investment Casting Experience to Work for You

Thompson Investment Casting has been pouring metal since 1946. You gain a lot of experience after 75+ years in business. In fact, there’s not much our engineers and workers haven’t seen over the years. That’s why you can rely on us to manufacture the products you need precisely and on-time. So, when you are looking for a manufacturing partner, look no further than Thompson Investment Casting.

Foundry Services

We cast ferrous, non-ferrous, and other alloys depending on client need.

Machining Services

A full CNC machine shop is at your disposal, so you receive production-ready parts.

Value-Added Services

Heat treatments, non-destructive testing, and coating services.

A Process Informed by 75+ Years of Experience in Investment Casting

When you do something long enough, you tend to develop a pretty effective processes.
Here is ours.

5 Reasons to Choose Thompson Investment Casting

We could go on forever about why you should choose Thompson Investment Casting, but here are our top five reasons.

Thompson Investment Casting Is Hiring

We are always looking for the best candidates to join our team.